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Strengthen your organisation‘s capabilities in research and innovation – our coaching and training opportunities can be tailored specifically to your needs and expectations, as a multiplier for the effectiveness of your RTD efforts or at short notive for urgent requests.

Below you will find seminars and interactive workshops to cross-cutting topics of technology development. Especially in research and innovation, „soft factors“ are hard facts for the project‘s success. Our trainings are targeting the special requirements and conditions of RTD projects and demonstrate how managers and team members can be more efficient and effective. You can also discover how large-scale RTD projects can establish a open, solution-oriented communication and collaboration structure and how to create a highly dynamic interdisciplinary teamworking environment.

Our focus is on a holistic approach which considers all relevant factors to success, and which is pragmatic enough to be effectively applied, notwithstanding the usual priorities and high demands of day-to-day business.

ZAL Science Slam, pic by D. Reinhardt

Seminars, workshops and trainings

Leadership and cooperation in R&I

Research and innovation are posing different demands than the typical project work most companies and agencies are used to. Accepting imponderabilities and risk, ensuring flexibility, securing motivation and willingness to cooperate. Our crash course prepares project and team leaders for these challenges.

Plunging into research, unleashing creativity

Realising innovative ideas, reshaping cherished but pointless processes and procedures, initiating paradigm changes. We offer a holistic view of the tension field innovation – creativity – risk and assist you in developing specific measures for collaboration within the team or with RTD partners.

Intercultural collaboration

Good, durable working relationships with partners and clients from different regions of the world is the vital interest of all involved. But how to deal with the challenges of intercultural cooperation? We are offering access to the key capabilities of diversity competence and support the transfer from the workshop to daily work.

Key notes and impulse lectures

... on effective technical collaboration in R&I.

The well-known quotation of Henry Ford: „Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” is more relevant today than ever before.

... on the opportunities of unmanned aviation

The still largely undeveloped terra incognita of aviation which, in the coming years, will deliver its fair share of the disruptive changes and improvements many people are calling for today.

... on pitfalls and typical mistakes in complex situations.

An entertaining and relaxed topic – until one discovers the mechanism that almost brought the last project off the track.

... and perhaps also some issues worth sharing on your individual area of interest in the field of research and innovation

Would you like to provide some stimulus for a specific topic from R&I at an event, point out new prospects or inspire thoughts in an entertaining manner? Then get in touch with us!