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You want to develop the topic “innovation “systematically, keep your products competitive, or increase your value-added share?

Wir bieten Ihnen umfangreiche Leistungen rund um Forschung und Innovation. Unsere Schwerpunkte, für die uns unsere Kunden und Partner schätzen, umfassen erfolgsentscheidende Themen, um durch Innovationen die Zukunftsfähigkeit Ihres Unternehmens zu stärken. Wir sind Ihr Ansprechpartner, wenn es darum geht, kreative Ideen im Zeit- und Kostenplan zu Lösungen zu führen, effektive und offene Zusammenarbeit über Firmengrenzen zu gestalten und gleichzeitig kritisches Know-How zu schützen, und effizient den Brückenschlag zwischen Wissenschaft und Unternehmen bei Forschungs- und Innovationsvorhaben zu realisieren.

Shaping the future

Innovation strategy and implementation

Innovation secures tomorrow’s business success. But it cannot be ordered when needed. Instead, it has to be cultivated like a plant. Our systematic innovation management prepares the ground, ensures growth makes roots and shoots grow in the right direction, and safeguards a good harvest.

Policy and technology consulting

Assessment and support of novel technology: an area of many variables and few constantes. We build solid data and support the research and decision-making process for analyses, studies and surveys in the field of research, technology development and innovation. From the individual, organisational to the European level.

Open Science & Open Innovation

Fast and agile through cooperation: the more complex the technology and diverse the market, the more difficult it is for small and medium-sized enterprises to assemble the required set of competences. “Open” methods may be of assistance. We help to use them in a sound and measured approach – as open as necessary, as restrictive as advisable.

People and teams in research & innovation

Workshops and moderated interaction

Unleashing creativity, structuring complex issues, clarifying controversial topics, integration of specialists’ work, optimisation and decision-making. We design the right activity for your needs and goals.

Systematic errors and how to avoid them

Hopes, desires, emotions, and the occasional bad mood: we all are not immune to the typical pitfalls of human behaviour patterns and cognitive heuristics. Anti-biasing-strategies can make a difference between failure and success.

New ways for communication, cooperation and collaboration

We consider efficient team play in a positive environment a core element of successful progress. From the vast pool of methods and techniques, we apply those elements which will be most effective in the specific situation.